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Ruth Höflich is a visual artist working in photography, video and print. She holds an MFA from Bard College, New York and BA from The Slade, London.   for all enquiries mail(at) or sign up below (your details will never be shared).


Current and forthcoming:

Georges Mora Fellowship
Melbourne, 2019-20

A Dark Line Appears On The Horizon, Halpert/Höflich
Maracuyá, Tijuana, 15-30 June 19

Hidden Bar, Art Basel, 12-16 June 19

Ruth Höflich & Fiona Williams,
David, Melbourne, 17 -25 May 19

Matters in Flux Study Group,
The World In Wich We Occur

Nacre Journal, Issue 02, Spring/Summer 19

Congress: Chronicle in Reverse, Coopérative d`Ateliers, Basel 
Sunday, 14 April 19

The Problem of Outcomes, TenLetters, Glasgow, 12-16 December 18